Naha Oki Fun Night

When I got serious about my "Oki Bucket List," one thing on it was to have an overnight in Naha to enjoy the bars and restaurants without having to worry about driving home. Kacey and I were able to make it happen right before Mark and I left for Vietnam. So~Much~Fun!

We checked into the Kashiwaya Guesthouse, which is a hostel located right in the thick of things. It's definitely not known for it's beauty or 5-star accommodations, but for a one night (cheap) stay we were satisfied!

After we dropped our stuff off, we headed out to explore before the sun went down. We checked out a lot of little shops on the Naha Art Map and Kacey showed me the most adorable, outdoor coffee shop that I've ever seen. It was perfect weather so we were enjoying the walk, too!

The two of us spent the rest of the afternoon at Blue Moon, a surfer-style bar with really cool hermit crab-filled tables! We had some cocktails and literally watched the hermit crabs for a few hours. It was entirely more entertaining than I can really explain. We are total nerds... I guess that's all the explanation that you need.

Next up, we stopped into Santeria, a cute cafe serving up great drinks and food. The bartenders were friendly and fun, making our overall experience really good! I do have to admit that the soup curry and jerk chicken weren't anything like we were expecting, but they were still tasty.

At the recommendation of our bartender, we headed to Borrachos to wrap up the night. Borrachos was a gem! Maybe it was the beverages that we had been consuming over the course of the night, but this place had THE best fish tacos and margaritas. Seriously, you've got to try this place. Everything was served up super fresh and hot... not to mention the delish jalapeno poppers. We loved it!

You should totally plan a night in Naha. There are so many bars and restaurants that just aren't the same during the day and with the legal limit being so low, if you plan to drink, it's just not worth the risk of driving home. Kacey and I had a great time and, yet again, have fun memories to look back on!

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