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During our last month in Okinawa, we had a really packed schedule and I was grasping at straws to make things a little bit easier on us. Something that I had been interested in for a while was The Set Table, a cook-it-yourself meal service, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Except I was wrong, I should have been ordering meals through this service long before our last month!

Christina, the founder of The Set Table, has menu options that go out every week. You can order enough from 2-6 servings and, based on your choice, every ingredient comes measured out for you. It is brilliant!

Mark's parents were in town when I placed the order so I knew we'd be busy showing them around. With that in mind, I ordered the crockpot meal of that week, the Mojo Pulled Pork (not pictured). If this ever comes back up on her menu... order it! It was so good and the whole family loved it.

One thing that really made them stand out was that everything, when possible, was bought local. Considering we were in Japan, that speaks volumes. The amount of effort put into each meal is a little mind blowing!

I'm someone that loves to cook fresh and I really feel better about myself when I'm able to say that the food is local or in season. However, I'm not someone that loves to spend all day going from different farmer's markets and grocery stores. This is a total problem solver!

To add a little bit of icing to the cake, Christina offers fruit and veggie boxes, too. She mixes it up every time and, depending on what is in season or looking best at the market, the variety is always plentiful.

The great news is that, despite the hectic life of PCSing, The Set Table is still open for business in Oki and she'll soon be offering services in their new duty station - Leavenworth, KS! Kansas has never been so lucky!

**All photos provided by The Set Table.**

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