Helios Distillery

It's time to talk about the last Oki Fun Day that Kacey and I were able to take together and I can't say that I'm happy about it. So, instead of fitting it all into one post, I've decided to break it up by location/stop throughout the day. The unique thing about this Oki Fun Day was that our husband's were able to join us, which made it extra special.

Our first stop was Helios Distillery near Nago. Kacey and I had talked about it frequently, but we'd always remember to go when we already had plans. I'm not a huge whiskey or awamori fan so taking our husbands was perfect since Mark loves it all!

They offer a tour in English, but you need to call ahead because they only have a few guides that speak English. Our guide carried a paper around with notes on it and it was so awesome because he gave some serious effort in making sure we understood everything.

You get a tour of the actual distillery, where they keep the barrels (no pictures allowed, unfortunately, but totally worth seeing), and you finish up with a tasting!

Helios also brews beer, which was a fun realization for me! I found that their beer was really fun. I mean, who couldn't love Okinawa and not love goya and shikuwasa brews?! It was a great way to start our Oki Fun Day and, as you can see, the tastings gave Kacey and Mark an extra pep in their step (I was the DD since I don't drink whiskey).

So happy to reminisce about this, but sad that it's the last one. I'm teary. Don't judge.

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