Songbird Cafe

Songbird Cafe is one of the great cafes that slipped through the cracks during our move and never made it on the blog. I had to revisit it because it's definitely worth the visit!

Situated on the coast in Yomitan, Songbird gives you a great outdoor atmosphere combined with the relaxing indoor decor. You can also buy some adorable little gifts while you're there, too.

The food was outstanding! I must admit that we only had breakfast during our visit, but it was probably the closest thing that I had to an "American breakfast," throughout exploring all of the lovely Oki Cafes. Yum! There was a ton of food so it was a little more than I could finish, but I think Mark would have been able to finish every bite.

Again, I really loved Songbird Cafe and I highly recommend it! While you're over that way, combine it with some fun Onna activities.

Phone: 098-923-2773
Address: 161-2 Toya, Yomitan-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa-ken 904-0305, Japan
Hours: weekday: 10am-7pm | weekend: 8am-7pm | closed: Monday & 2nd+3rd Tuesday

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