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This is the 2nd installment of my last Oki Fun Day with Kacey and our husbands! If you remember, we started at Helios Distillery and afterwards we had big plans to check out one of our (new-ish) favorite lunch spots in Nago and then head to the Acerola Fresh Parlor for some refreshing concoctions.

For lunch, we drove to Anettaichaya Cafe, the coolest little hammock cafe around! Kacey and I had originally found this cafe after a failed attempt to go to Pizza in the Sky. Trust me, our hearts were not broken. The environment was perfect, the people were friendly, and the food was pretty good!

We knew the cafe was somewhere that the guys had to check out and it was basically Mark's last opportunity! Our experience was similar to our first and we all wanted to just lounge around and drink... if only we weren't so far away from home. Even though we couldn't get drunk in the sun, we had an exceptionally great time hanging out in a cabana overlooking the ocean. Amazing!

Posing with Mrs. Tetsuko Namisato

We set out to find Acerola Fresh after lunch and it was such a refreshing treat on a super hot day! In true Kacey and Kassie form, we met the owner and her son, Kojiro-san, while we were there and they told us all about the acerola cherry, their farm, and other fun "secrets" about their business!

The fruit is only grown in Okinawa (in respects to Japan, not the world) and, if I remember correctly, Mrs. Namisato, the woman in the photo above, owns the biggest farm on the island. The acerola cherry has 50x more Vitamin C than that of a lemon and is great for hangovers! When we asked Mrs. Namisato what she liked to mix the acerola juice with she snickered and whispered, "awamori!" Heck yeah!

I bought a small bottle for the plane ride back to the states thinking that it would be a good drink to battle the swelling, aches, and pains that always seem to greet me after a long flight. Then, I got super nervous that they would take it from me because the bottle was over 3 oz. I packed it in my suitcase and it's now in my pantry for a rainy day -- perhaps when I'm 30-something weeks pregnant and FEEL like I have a hangover!

If you find yourself in the Motobu area and it's a hot Oki day, you should definitely give Acerola Fresh Parlor a try! Their frozen drinks are amazing and very "Okinawan." If anything, put it on your list to take visitors and make a day of it by combining it with other activities in the area. 

Pierced Wonderings

Phone number: 098-047-2505
Hours: 9:00 - 5:00 PM, Closed on Sundays and Holidays
Acerola Season: May to November
Call before you go just to be sure they're open, especially if you're making a special trip.


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