Humphries Holiday: London

In early fall, my family took a trip to Europe! It was a whirlwind and the first time in a long time that it was just my parents, sister, and I together on a vacation. We started in London and ended in Rome... and now it's time to recap!

We all arrived at different times: me first, my sister early the next morning, and my parents that night. So, I got a hotel nearby and met my sister at the airport the next morning. Together, we checked in at our first AirBnB. It was a small apt, but it was in a good location and got the job done. It definitely was the noisiest place that we stayed, but the street had a lot of bars on it so we weren't really surprised.

A Guardian Bell for my dad's Harley Davidson.

A bracelet for my sister with "Aunt" in English, French, and Italian - a nod to all of the countries we'd be going to during our trip.

Upon arrival, I gave my sister and dad their gifts to announce that Mark and I were expecting. I caught both of their reactions on camera and they were epic! My sister cried tears of joy and my dad said things like, "Geez Louise!" I'm so glad I waited to tell them in person.

We started our first, and only, full day in London at Duck and Waffle. My sister found the restaurant and it was perfect because we could see so much of the city from there! It was a beautiful day and the food was super delish.

Since we had such a short amount of time, we decided to do the Hop-On Hop-Off bus. It was a pretty great decision considering our time restraints. We got to see everything!

The tour has numerous routes and stops at every single site that you could possibly want to visit at length.

My favorite photos were definitely of Big Ben. The sun was shining and the clouds were perfect! Plus, my mom kept quoting National Lampoon's European Vacation. Ha!

We ended the day at Buckingham Palace. My dad and I had anxiously waited all day to get our pictures taken with the guards. Little did we know, the guards are way far behind the gate. We should have taken pictures with them at the London Tower! Ah! We missed our opportunity.

We moved on quickly and probably got ice cream. You'll notice soon that that was a common thread throughout our travels... ice cream! Next up: Paris!

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