Humphries Holiday: Paris

The next stop on our Humphries Holiday was Paris! This was a highlight for me because I'd dreamed of sitting on lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower and my dream was fulfilled. We saw so much of the city in such a short period of time and we loved it. Lots of memories and lots of fun.

We checked into our AirBnB right after arriving via the Chunnel. It was much more spacious than our London apartment and it had a washer! They were also great about letting us drop our luggage off prior to being able to actually check-in.

We headed out into the city to grab some food and explore. We stumbled upon a street market and enjoyed our time checking out all of the vendors.

That evening, we headed to the Louvre. We bought our tickets in advance and it was awesome because we avoided the line completely! You cannot pick up the tickets at the actual museum, but there is a place just a few blocks away that lets you print them for no extra charge.

The next day, we did some more exploring. We started out by checking getting some food (naturally) and headed towards the Notre Dame. Before we got there, we were able to see the Love Locks on the Pont des Arts.

The Notre Dame is beautiful and so picturesque! It was an overcast day, which definitely highlighted the Gothic architecture.

Mom and Dad did some souvenir shopping while Tab and I continued on the sightseeing adventure. We ended our last day in Paris by linking up at the Eiffel Tower where we had a picnic and watched as the sun went down and the tower lit up. It was BEAUTIFUL! I loved it and we, as a family, had a really good time on the lawn. We laughed, took silly photos, and enjoyed our time together... exactly the experience I was hoping it would be.

The next day, we picked up our car from car that we reserved via Auto Europe and headed towards our next stop. My next post will be a review of our Auto Europe experience along with some fun news regarding the company!

If you'd like to help Paris after the recent terror attacks, you can learn how here.

Read about the first leg of our trip, London, here. 

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