Our Weekend at a Hunting Cabin

Last year at the Semper Fi Fund Golf Tournament in Okinawa, Mark and I met a wonderful man who was in the Marines (back in the day) and continued to be a huge supporter. He's a successful person with many acres of hunting grounds that he offered to Mark after he found out we were moving to the area! Needless to say, Mark was thrilled.

The two of us were looking for a spontaneous "staycation," so he reached out of Mr. S and asked if the cabin was available and it was! So, we packed up and headed a little over an hour south of Columbus and enjoyed a quiet weekend.

It wasn't hunting season, so we just scoped out the area for Mark's future trips. He taught me the ropes (I'd never been in a deer stand) and we really enjoyed being out in the fresh air! It was great to not have much to do besides read a book (I read an entire book while we were there!) or be outside. Overall, it was the perfect escape to a mildly stressful week prior.

Mark's already been back to the cabin since our trip and really loves it. It's his happy place and I look forward to the many stories that come of it! Thanks Mr. S!

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