Tettoh Coffee

The last stop on our last Oki Fun Day was Tettoh Coffee! I'm not a coffee drinker, but everyone else in the crew was so we headed to a new coffee shop. Tettoh is a small coffee shop in Uruma City that I first heard about when they left a small advertisement in our mailbox and I loved checking out another Okinawa gem!

Everyone ordered a little cup of joe and we hung out at the shop. There's very, very limited seating so I recommend getting your coffee to go or, if you need a quiet place to read, this could be your escape.

They had a variety of brews and there were advertisements about fun events happening in the area. The lady brewing the cup was being so patient and nice even though we had to struggle through the order. A good thing is that Kacey's husband, Aaron, speaks a little Japanese and it always helpful!

Everyone liked their drinks and we parted ways. It was nearly 5 pm and we couldn't believe we'd literally spent all day exploring. So amazing, but Mark and I weren't finished...

The last stop on our adventure was our old house. We were already living in temporary lodging, but we hadn't had the chance to snap a photo before we moved out. Unfortunately, Maylee missed out on the opportunity but she has a lot of great memories there, too! It was a nice little cherry to go on top of our Oki Fun Day sundae.

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