Humphries Holiday: Auto Europe Car Rental

After a lot of research, my sister and I decided that renting a car would be the most efficient (both cost and accessibility) way for us, as a family, to see everything that we wanted to see during our two week Europe Adventure. So, that led us to Auto Europe!

During our reservation process, we ended up making some changes. We'd initially planned on taking a train from Paris to Lyon and picking the car up there. However, it all changed when we procrastinated and train tickets were crazy expensive!

Auto Europe was so accommodating when it came to the changes that we needed to make... as simple as a quick phone call. I should also mention that when we were researching what company would be best for us, Auto Europe had the biggest range of automatic vehicles available. That was an absolute must for us.

Anyway, we decided to pick up the car in Paris and, before we headed to Lyon, we made a last minute trip to Versailles. We checked out the Palace and explored the local area where we found the cutest little candy shop, which is something we wouldn't have been able to see had we not had a car.

My dad decided to drive from Versailles to Lyon. He, apparently, wanted to get everywhere quickly so I spent most of my time trying to sleep so I didn't have to feel like I was in a spaceship. Ha! About an hour into our drive, we were in a construction zone and ended up "bouncing" off of a plastic barricade. It was a narrow road and someone else had crossed over the center line. Luckily, we had purchased full coverage. So, what did my dad do? He just kept driving...

When we got to Lyon, I literally thought the drivers side doors wouldn't open. Dad got out and started cracking up. THERE WASN'T A SCRATCH ON THE CAR! He's a lucky duck, that's for sure.

Our next destination was Apt, France with plans to spend a lot of time throughout Provence. During this part of our road trip we made a pit stop in Chateauneuf du Pape where my mom and sister enjoyed some wine! Dad and I took a walk through the fields and fields of dark purple grapes! It was beautiful.

There were more stops throughout Provence, but I'll cover those in a future blog post. We, eventually, made our way to the coast for my mom's birthday. We spent a few days in Antibes, but there were some unexpected changes and, once again, I had to call Auto Europe with an update.

We needed to extend our reservation for another day and drop it off at a different location. How did they handle it? Beautifully. It was super simple. They never gave me any trouble or inflated the prices. The customer service was amazing! It was great to not worry about this, very important, piece of our Europe Adventure.

We dropped the car in Florence and there were no issues. We had to pay a significant VAT tax, but that was expected and discussed up front upon booking our reservation. The best way to describe my experience is to say that it was straight-forward and simple.

I'd highly recommend them for any Europe excursion that you're planning, especially if you find that public transit just isn't cutting it... And you want to know the best part? As of Veteran's Day 2015, Auto Europe offers a military discount! How amazing is that? If only that was available when we went on our trip (although, the prices are already really good).

I did not receive monetary or product compensation for this post. I only share my personal and honest opinion.

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