Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights

Mark and I moved into a small, loft-style apartment in a great location here in Columbus. We love it! However, we outgrew it the moment our non-temporary storage arrived. What was a cute, well organized apartment quickly turned into a, "please shut that door so I don't have to look at the clutter," apartment.

With that said, we didn't decorate for Christmas this year. My heart hurt a little, especially after being in Japan for three years and yearning for a real Christmas tree, but the thought of adding decorations to our chaos did not seem appealing. Enter: Christmas light shows and Callaway Gardens!

The gardens are a pretty big attraction all year long so Mark and I knew that we wanted to check out their famous "Fantasy in Lights" to easy the pain of not decorating our home.

We had to make reservations online and prices are a bit steep, even though you're driving yourself through, but I found a Groupon for a significant amount off!

Each section of the light show is synchronized to coordinating music and it's basically amazing! We ranked our top three as follows: (1) Winter Wonderland was just that... a wonderland (2) Fairy Tales at the beginning had the best light "show" (3) The 12 Days of Christmas was cool because the lights that represented each day were pretty funny -- 4 calling birds were literally birds on phones.

After we drove through the whole show, we stopped at the market for a gigantic donut and more Christmas cheer (I recommend the hot chocolate, sold inside the tent with all of the merchandise). We wanted to get an ornament because, so far, we've been able to get an ornament that represents each place that we lived and we succeeded! Merry Christmas to us!

Fantasy in Lights was definitely worth the 45 minute drive from Columbus and was the perfect event to put us in the Christmas spirit! I just kept telling Mark how happy I was that we were out exploring together. It had been far too long and was really good for both of us.

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