Celebrating the Holidays in the States

Celebrating Dad's birthday a little early at our favorite Indiana restaurant, Bonge's.

Being in the states for the holidays was such a treat! It was something that Mark and I talked about a lot while we were in Japan. Yes, we traveled a lot and enjoyed the time overseas... However, there's something to say about being surrounded by the ones that you love during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For Thanksgiving, we headed to Mark's hometown to enjoy all the food you can imagine at his family holiday. The only people missing were Mark's brother and his family, who now live in Okinawa! Crazy how we switched places, isn't it?!

We were able to do some fun stuff while we were there! Mark went fishing with his nephews, I took some family photos for Mark's sister's family, napped, played board games, and just relaxed. It was a nice visit, for sure.

While in Indiana for Christmas, we did a lot! The second day of our stay was my mom's big family Christmas. It's something I look forward to every year. I even Skyped in while away!

I also took some photos for family during the party. Mom really wanted an updated photo of each family and, although some were sneaky and managed to get away without having their photo taken, we were able to get most people!

As an early Christmas present, my parents bought us tickets to a Colts football game. Mark had never been to an NFL game before so it was definitely a treat. Our seats were fantastic and we had a great time!

My parents bought all four of the "kids" matching PJs thinking that it would be a silly joke. Little did they know, they were so comfy and we wore them for the majority of our time in Indiana! We even came downstairs in them on Christmas morning. It was like we were 5 years old... and it was awesome!

Mark got a new gun for Christmas and I thought he was going to get emotional. He was so excited and just kept saying, "This was on my wish list... never in a million years did I think I'd actually get it." Man, Santa is the bomb.com!

Both of our family visits were exactly what we were hoping they'd be: fun and relaxing. The holidays are so wonderful and even better when you can share them with family. Cheers to that!

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