Humphries Holiday: Antibes & Grasse

My mom's birthday is on September 13th and it landed right in the middle of our trip. We let her pick what she wanted to do and her only request was to be at the beach. So, the night before we needed to leave Apt, we searched and searched for a place to go. Eventually, we decided to get a hotel where we could order room service and other amenities in Antibes.

We had a nice walk through the old town the first day that we got there and took in the sights. As you can tell, my mom was really happy to be near the water. Happy Birthday to her!

Naturally, the day of my mom's actual birthday it rained. We had planned to spend the day by the pool, drinking cocktails (or mocktails, in my case), and socking up the sun since it had been relatively warm throughout our trip.

Instead, we ordered my mom room service at 7AM, which went deliciously wrong, and planned an indoor activity for her day. Our new plan was one that I was pretty thrilled about!

Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, wasn't too far from Antibes and my mom ALWAYS has perfume on. What could be better than making your own perfume in southern France?! Nothing, that's what.

I made a reservation online at Galimard and we headed that way in the early afternoon. It was a seamless and interesting experience!

Now, the three of us have our own perfume blend on file in France! We can call to have lotions made or order more of our very own scent. Literally, one of the coolest things ever. Unfortunately, my sister ended up not liking her perfume... but my mom and I are happy with ours!

Next up, Florence!

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