Humphries Holiday: Monaco

After we left Antibes, we had a very unique experience in Monaco. You see, my mom knows the prince and he got in touch with her to make sure we stopped through for a visit! I'm sure many people have the opportunity to tour the palace, but how many of those people can say they got a tour from Prince Albert himself?!

We arrived in Monaco with time to spare so we walked through Jardin St. Martin, took in the beautiful view, and grabbed a drink from a local cafe. Delightful!

Once Prince Albert and his childhood friend, Mike Powers, met us at the palace, we headed inside for a brief tour. They both spent the majority of the time talking about their antics together as children, laughing, and cutting up. It was very casual and really enjoyable!

We ended up in the pub where we enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and a little wine tasting. We talked about our adventures, their recent trips, and life in general. What I thought was going to be a very formal setting turned out to be a relaxing time among friends! This was definitely an experience to remember!

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