Humphries Holiday: Provence

The morning [read: we slept in and it was nearly afternoon] after arriving in Apt, my sister and I took the car and set off to explore more of the Provence area. This area of France is known for their lavender and sunflower fields, which we were hoping to get a glimpse of. However, we missed the sunflowers by, what seemed like, days. Don't worry, though, because Provence is still beautiful without them!

Since we slept in, we missed the market we had intended on going to in Lourmarin. We went anyway and still enjoyed the afternoon by walking through the village to check out the surroundings.

Provence is a beautiful area and we probably could have spent our entire trip here, but we had a packed itinerary making that dream impossible. So, Tab and I decided to jam pack what little time we did have with as many little villages as we could!

After grabbing wine and snacks for a picnic, we drove to Roussillon. The village is obviously famous for it's red cliffs and abundance of ochre, a natural earth pigment that gives it the bright colors you see in the photos above. I wanted to buy every type of art supplies that they sold for this simple fact alone... and I left with only a set of beautiful powder pigments. 

The sun was going down as we left Roussillon and we wanted to get back in time to have dinner with the parentals. Tab had a great book on Provence and found a nearby village that had multiple restaurants -- it was a plan.

Once we picked up mom and dad, we headed to Goult. When we arrived, we noticed that there was a festival/carnival of sorts going on but didn't think too much about it... until all of the restaurants were booked or closed. What now? Well, when in... Goult!

We joined the crowd on the street where they were serving up dinner. Initially, we thought that it was a private party or something, but we found out that it was a local fundraiser for all of the school children and decided it was perfect! The four of us paid a flat fee and it was all you can eat soup, bread, cheese, and wine. Hello, Best Experience Ever.

We chatted with locals, ate crepes from the carnival, and got a fresh truffle from a friendly man before calling it a night... and what a night it had been!

I have to go back for a second to mention that our AirBnB was incredible... like oh.em.gee amazing! If you look closely in the photo above, you can see grapes growing on the patio. What?! It was surreal and perfect. We immediately asked if we could extend our time here, but they were already booked and we were bummed.  Go to Apt just to stay here... seriously.

Our last morning in Apt happened to be the day of their market, which worked out great! We, literally, walked out our front door and the streets were covered in merchandise. We scored some great gifts for friends (lavender soaps and lotions) and some amazing photography from an artist who doesn't have a website, which makes the photos feel even more special.

I'll be bold and say Provence was the most beautiful landscape of our entire trip. It's full of rolling hills with tiny villages spilling down them and the people are genuinely nice. I've said it once and I'll say it a million times over... Provence is a must when visiting the south of France!

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