A Letter to Baby O

Dear Baby O,

I must say, through all the changes -- both physically and otherwise -- the journey to meet you has gone really fast! I cannot believe that we are just under 2 months away from your due date. We are getting more and more excited as each day passes.

Over the past few weeks, we've been blessed with two baby showers! There are so many people, from all over the world, that love you so much already. Everyone is eager to find out if you are a little boy or a little girl -- something I think about every day. It's going to be such a great surprise!

We just moved into a new house in North Carolina and today is my birthday! For my birthday, I asked that we put your crib together. I'm very, very eager to make your nursery perfect. I even made your dad "suffer" through paint colors today -- do you like this color or this extremely similar color?!

Every time you move, I try to imagine the reason. Maybe that cold drink of water gave you a cold chill or when I rolled over I woke you up and you really needed to stretch. Who knows what you're doing in there, but I'm grateful for those reassuring, "I'm still feeling good," movements that you give me regularly.

I don't know who you'll look like or who you'll act like, but I know if you have your dad's eyelashes we're in trouble. We'll be fighting off any future love interests by the time you're in Pre-K! If you're like me, you'll love to create and really enjoy giving. If you're like your dad, you'll be goal oriented and determined. Either way, you'll be our kind of perfect!

I'm not sure how it's possible to miss someone without ever meeting them, but it's happening. I'll do my best to be patient and, whenever you're ready, your family will be here to welcome you into this wonderful world!

Mom (which is still a title I cannot believe will be mine soon!)

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