Mark's MCCC Graduation

After 6 short (or long, depending on who you ask) months, Mark graduated from MCCC, Maneuver Captains Career Course this past week.

"The resident course is 22 weeks long and takes place in a small group setting. The POI is flexible and adapts to the needs of the Commander in the field. One such way we do that is by surveying current Battalion and BCT Commanders. For example, it was identified, because of the current ARFORGEN Cycle, that training management was a shortfall in the PME of captains coming to BCTs. As a result, a basis of understanding of training management is now taught in the course. The curricula forces on all types of operations that a company commander may be forced to operate in, from combined arms maneuver to wide area security missions" - MCCC Website

He worked so hard and I'm very proud of him! I don't know anyone that enjoys learning like Mark does. He may not like the school work, but he really enjoys the learning new concepts, perspectives and ideas.

Mark was able to shake the hand of a very important man, Col. Ralph Puckett. Col. Puckett was an inductee into the United States Army Ranger Hall of Fame because he's amazing. For more details, you can read about him here.

Yay for Mark! Now, we're off to our next adventure.

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