Moving Update

I am happy to report that Mark and I have, mostly, settled into our new house! It's been a crazy few weeks, which included Mark leaving for a training exercise, but we're chugging along. The house is coming together great, mostly because Mark has worked his butt off to get it all put together just the way that I want it. He's sweet like that.

This is just an OUNCE of what our stuff looked like when the movers left. We were so overwhelmed with everything we had to do, but we just started tackling projects one at a time. I've helped when I can - being only 6 weeks out from my due date has left me a little unable to do what I normally would, but Mark has picked up every bit of my slack.

Mostly, I've done a lot of home goods shopping and, of course, the occasional mirror selfie was taken when I looked over and thought, "Whoa! Is that my belly?!"

One of our favorite additions to this home is our Vietnam painting. We got this in Hanoi on our last trip before leaving Asia and we had it framed on my birthday. It turned out so wonderful and looks great in our dining room (and above our lovely Oriental Place cabinet). The dining room is one of the only complete rooms in the house and we enjoy basking in all of its bright, complete glory.

A lot of little details are making this house a home and one of my favorites is the scrapbook display. I love to make scrapbooks and thoroughly enjoy looking through them, but I felt like they got "lost" when we just had them on a shelf or in the office. This time around, we chose to display our top three favorites right on the wall (using plate holders) and, hopefully, that means people will get to enjoy them as much as we do.

Overall the move has been smooth. Mark and I wish that we could snap our fingers and everything would be complete, but we know that's unrealistic. We try to remind each other to take everything day-by-day and, when we get tired, it's okay to take a break.

Speaking of tired: As my pregnancy progresses, I get bigger and more uncomfortable. This leads to Mark taking on more responsibility... to include talking sweetly to me after a rather rough night of no sleep and pain. He's been such a rock for me and I love him more because of it. I appreciate every ounce of energy he has put into this house!

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