Wild Animal Safari

Shortly after moving to Columbus, we started seeing signs for the Wild Animal Safari and I knew we had to check it out! It's a drive through animal park and I really was looking forward to getting close to all kinds of fun, zoo animals.

Upon arrival, we opted out of renting one of their safari vehicles [read: a white beat up van spray painted with zebra stripes] and decided to drive Mark's truck through. This was after Mark threatened me with my life if, for whatever reason, an animal scratched or dented his new truck.

Once inside the park, we saw a lot of your typical animals -- deer, pigs, cows -- and we thought it was interesting how all of the animals lived together in the open spaces. How do they keep them from mating with each other?! Well, turns out... they don't. They have an animal in the park called a "Zedonk." As you have probably already figured out, that's what happens when a zebra and donkey make a baby.

We got to the park about an hour before they closed and there was only one car in front of us along the path. They, apparently, had food to give out and when they would drive off we would have a small stampede coming our way! However, they were always disappointed to find that, even though they stuck their heads all the way in our car, we had no food to give.

I was most excited to see the safari animals! When we first got to where the giraffes were supposed to be we didn't see any. We thought maybe it was too cold for them to be outside or something and I was so bummed. Then, we rounded the corner only to see a huge giraffe standing in our path and walking directly towards us. I may or may not have freaked out... and I may or may not have climbed out of my window to get a photo.

Going into the adventure, I kept talking about the zebras. I don't know why, but I really wanted to pet a zebra -- I guess just to say that I had done it. However, somewhere throughout my life I've been told that they bite (I think I was told that by an African student on the track team that I lived with at Rend Lake... random). To add to my preconceived notions, the photo above depicts what every single one of them did to me when I put my hand out to pet them. It was terrifying! Needless to say, I didn't touch a zebra but we got a lot of laughs out of me trying.

I had to get a ram picture to represent my alma mater, Fordham University!

... and a llama photo for my BFF Kacey! (or is it an alpaca??)

Mark thought it was funny to let this bird threaten to peck my eyes out. I was so scared and, literally, climbing over the seat to get away from it!

Overall, it was a great time and I'd totally go again. I had so much fun! For those of you with kids, this is a must if you're in the area. There are so many fun animals to see and, for the most part, they are all friendly!

... and because I refuse to leave you with the last impression of that scary bird, here's an adorable photo of a mother and baby!

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