DIY Alphabet Blocks

This weekend, I tackled a DIY project on my list and I'm here to share the (super easy) details!

My inspiration to do the blocks were photos like these. I really want a similar one of Baby O! Aren't they just the cutest?!

Okay, so here are the details. Again, this was super easy!
  1. Buy some block. I bought these - they are a little smaller (1 inch face) than what you'd buy in the store, but I think they are still great.
  2. Pick your paint colors.
  3. Use masking tape to tape diagonally across every face of the block. Start with a long piece of tape & just keep wrapping it until you get back to the beginning.
  4. Paint! I chose to do 1/2 and 1/2 of the colors that I chose, but it's totally personal preference. The green required multiple coats, but the blue was good to go. I recommend Martha Stewart's paints (brand of the blue bottle) since it was so much thicker than the green.
  5. Allow the blocks time to dry.
  6. Choose your vinyl color & font - I used the free font "Carbon" from dafont.com
  7. Decide how many of each letter you'd like to have. I looked up how many letters were in a Scrabble board and, basically, followed that. Plus, I added 2 sets of numbers 0-9. I did throw in a few extra letter here and there. I also have more block faces if I find that I need to add even more.
  8. Use your vinyl cutter (I used my handy Silhouette) and cut out your letters.
  9. Adhere them to your block faces and you're finished!

 It really was that easy and I love how they turned out! I can't wait to put them to use!

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