Hospital Bag Possibilities

I'm nearly 35 weeks and am starting to think about what will be in the bag that we take to the hospital when it's "go time." I've done a lot of research leading up to this point, but then Baby O threw me a curve ball - the little human is breech.

So, for now I'm taking suggestions on how to get baby to flip, but I'm also prepping for a scheduled c-section. Baby is comfortable so I'm not sure if the little bambino will turn... plan for the worst and hope for the best, right?

I'm still taking suggestions so send them my way! For now, here's are some things that I've come up with so far:

A comfy night shirt. I know I could wear a hospital gown during my stay, but the idea of getting into "real" clothes makes me feel a lot more comfortable. If my hospital stay ends up being longer than "normal" I'll definitely be happy to have some familiar clothes.

Gender-specific Swaddle with cap/bow. Since we don't know Baby O's gender, I've dreamed about announcing "It's a boy/girl" with a beautiful swaddle and matching head accessory. We already have one of each and I'm so excited! (not the one pictured)

 Baby book. This is a total "unnecessary, but necessary" item to me. I want it there with hopes that we'll get some perfect little foot prints from the professionals at the hospital!

Hi-cut undies. I know that there are some "unmentionables" that the hospital offers, but I hear that some hi-cut undies are key for a c-section to ensure that they don't rest on your incision.

Abdominal compression garment. After seeing these on about every c-section recovery "must-have" lists, I did a lot of research and ultimately decided on the Signature Cinch. From what I've read, they help with mobility, swelling, and just overall comfort after surgery.

Plus, we'll have our car seat ready to go since we can't bring baby home without it!

On top of these items, I'll also have my essentials -- face wipes, dry shampoo, hair ties, etc...

What did you take to the hospital? Am I totally being a first time mom by taking these things? If so, I'm okay with that. There's only one way to learn, right?

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