Nursery Reveal

iSpy a picture of baby Mark

As you know, Baby O now has a name and is a beautiful baby girl! Caroline Ashby's nursery is complete and has become one of my favorite places in our home. She is sleeping in her pretty crib, even though her momma is struggling with the idea that she's too little to be by herself, and she's being rocked and comforted in the big comfy recliner. A beautiful room for a beautiful baby.

Her mobile was one of the DIY projects that I took on. I, originally, found this mobile but, with a $50 price tag, I knew I could make one very similar for much less. Not to mention, I think making it myself makes it special.

I found patterns for polyhedrons online and printed them on fancy, heavy weight scrapbook paper. Then, I purchased a wooden hanger from Etsy shop, Sweet Childhood, and the crib arm attachment from PinkTopic.

Once I had all the pieces complete, I used metal paper clips (straightened) and fishing line to attach them to the hanger. I added a dab of hot glue to the ends of each fishing line to ensure it would stay in place and added a few washers inside the polyhedrons to even out the weight. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

iSpy the toy from the photo of baby Mark.

We bought multiple crib sheets and layered them on the mattress with waterproof pads between each layer. That way, if she makes a mess on one layer in the middle of the night all we have to do is tear off the top layer and the next one is already in place. This method has already paid off and I'm so happy we did it! When it's 2AM and a baby is spitting up and fussy, the last thing you want to do is change crib sheets.

My Uncle Mike is a master craftsman, in my eyes, so when we were in the need of a dresser for Caroline's room I asked for his help. There were a few dressers that we liked and, after some emails back a forth, Uncle Mike said he could make what we wanted.

It looks nearly identical to the photo that I sent him -- except it is precisely the size that we chose and made with love. I couldn't be more thrilled to have a handmade piece of furniture from him but also have a dresser that no one in the world will ever have.

At the baby shower in Indiana, everyone brought books instead of cards. As you can tell, we're stocked up in the book department! We couldn't even fit all of them on our three shelves. Caroline is going to have so many stories to listen to and/or read as she grows.

These special blankets are something baby Caroline will have forever. The bright, colorful quilt was made by my grandma. My grandma's name was Joan Ashby Humphries, which is where Baby C gets her middle name and I'm so proud that she'll also have this special piece from a very special woman in my life.

The other blanket was Mark's baby blanket. It was made by a member of the O'Driscoll family (perhaps his dad's aunt or mom) and has beautiful scenes from different nursery rhymes. Another very special blanket for a very special girl.

Here's to hoping that Caroline finds her nursery to be a happy and safe place. Here's to hoping she always falls asleep as peacefully as possible with no worries. Here's to hoping that the nursery we've created for our baby girl can contain all the beauty radiating off of her.

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