"Elegant Tryon Bed, Barn & Breakfast"

When Mark and I decided to go to the Blue Ridge BBQ Festival, we knew we wanted to stay at an AirBnB. Since he was gearing up for a deployment, we wanted to maximize the opportunity to relax and enjoy our little vacation. I found this cute bed and breakfast and knew we had found "the spot."

The owner, Katherin, was so nice and accommodating. She graciously gave us the biggest room of the house to ensure we had enough space for everyone. Maylee was allowed to come, too, as long as she was kenneled when we were gone.

We ended up setting Caroline up in the bathroom, which worked out great. It was a pretty big room so, even with her pack-n-play up, we were able to navigate through the space with ease. Plus, when she was ready for bed, we could put her in there and shut the door without having to go to bed right away.

When we arrived, Katherin was working in the horse barns (it's a working farm) and had mistakenly thought we weren't coming until the next day. We wanted to get to the festival for dinner so we didn't mind leaving her to get the room cleaned up and ready for us. By the time we came back, the bed was made up and the towels were laid out.

I did have a bit of an issue with the amount of bugs inside the room - a lot of flying ants around light fixtures and a few spiders. It's a very, very old farm from the 1860s, but I have a policy of "bugs belong outside." Mark told me it was all a part of the experience but I don't buy it. We were paying about $115/night for this room... If I wanted a bug life, I'd sleep in a tent. *bug rant over*

Our first morning was nice. We had anticipated a "true" bed and breakfast experience - bacon, eggs, oatmeal... you know, some options or something. However, neither of us read the entire description and the last sentence says that it's a continental breakfast. It was totally our fault for not reading everything, but we were a bit disappointed with the boxed muffins and hard boiled eggs.

After breakfast, we went on a walk to check out the farm. It was beautiful! I loved to see all the amazing horses and land. It was nice and refreshing, not to mention relaxing. I really, really enjoyed our walk that day.

This was a really charming place to stay! If you don't mind your accommodations to be a little "rustic" then this is the place for you. Katherin is super nice and I'm sure she'll help make your stay wonderful!

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