A Family Trip to Asheville

Mark's post-deployment leave was in February so we planned a road trip for the duration. Our first stop was in Asheville and it was just what the doctor ordered - a remote cabin, breweries, spas, and chill time with our little family. I'm going to highlight some of the things we did throughout the week, but for now I'm going to share our itinerary.

We packed the car on Friday night and left early on a Saturday morning. We had a long drive ahead of us and, with the tiny human, we knew that it would be extended a little more. It turned out to be perfect timing, though, because we couldn't check-in to the cabin until 4PM.

When we got there, we dropped all of our bags and headed out for dinner and the grocery store. We were definitely managing our expectations of the week and knew that Caroline would need some dinners at home in order to have a normal bedtime. We wanted to stock the fridge for some breakfast items, too, for the occasional late morning.

Sunday, we headed down to the River Arts District where I fell in love with everything! I love the area, the people, and the handmade items for sale. It's amazing. This is a "must-do" if you're visiting Asheville. You can get locally made items, breweries, and food - all within walking distance from each other!

Mark went skiing on Monday at Wolf Ridge Ski Resort. Caroline and I hung out at the cabin. I worked and she did normal baby stuff. It was a low key day and Mark came back in time for us to go to dinner at Wild Ginger, an amazing authentic Vietnamese restaurant. We can't find really good Vietnamese or Indian food in Jacksonville so we seek them out on vacation!

Tuesday was spent having a delish breakfast at Sunny Point Cafe and hiking at Hardtimes Trailhead in the Pisgah National Forest. It was a beautiful day and we were so happy to spend it outside! We were able to take Maylee, too, which was great. Sunny Point is pet friendly and they love animals. It was the first time that Maylee got more attention than Caroline. Ha!

On Wednesday, we drank beer. Lots of beer. Well, Mark drank a lot of beer and I drank a little bit (Hello, DD). We hopped (pun intended) around to different craft breweries and loved it! There's an endless list of breweries in Asheville so we'd get done with one and just look up the next on a little craft beer app that I found.

Because this only makes sense, we had chicken and waffles that night for dinner from King Daddy's. Yummy!!

Thursday was my "me day." I went back to the River Arts District to check out the Foundation Walls and spent the majority of my day at Shoji Spa, a Japanese inspired spa in the rolling hills of Asheville. It snowed and that made the outdoor hot tub even better!

On Friday, we kicked off our finally day in Asheville with donuts from Hole Doughnuts! Then, we went to the Biltmore to take a trip down memory lane. Mark and I got engaged there so we reenacted the engagement by holding Caroline up instead of a ring. Yes, we realize we're super nerds.

It was another really pretty day so, after eating at 12 Bones' River Arts District location, we spent the majority of our afternoon at the New Belgium Brewery lounging on their courtyard outside. They have a waitress to serve the area, which pretty much made it an epic way to end our time here.

It was such a great trip! Don't worry, I'll go into more detail very soon about some of my favorite experiences throughout the week, including our incredible cabin that we rented through Grey Beard Rentals.

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