Asheville's River Arts District

When I was planning our trip to Asheville I knew there was no shot that I was going there and not visiting the River Arts District. Streets and streets of local artistry at my fingertips?! How dare I say no... right?!

Prior to our arrival, I had looked up their hours. The best way I can break it down is, "Open every day... almost." Because of all of the things that we wanted to do, we headed to RAD on a Sunday. We got there around 10 o'clock in the morning and the only shop open was the NC Glass Center - the other shops didn't open until 11 or after.

The Glass Center was great! It reminded me a lot of our time spent in Okinawa and all of the hand blown glass there. It's crazy how far you can travel and still find so many similarities in the artwork.

Many of the shops host numerous artists. With Mark and Caroline in tow, it made it nice to be able to see so much at each stop!

 This is all tiny pieces of paper!

Quilted art.

To compliment the amazing artists in the area, there are great breweries and restaurants. We went to The Junction for brunch and I had the best Bloody Mary that I've ever had. Seriously, the BEST!

Caroline was such a trooper during this entire trip. It definitely helps that she'll still fall asleep in the carrier. The weather was great for walking around outside and enjoying some cold brews along the way! If you're visiting the Asheville area the RAD is a must.

It'll be... rad. Sorry, I had to.

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