Building Our Workbench

For my 30th birthday, Mark got me a miter saw! It might seem like a weird gift, but it was #1 on my list. Last year, for my birthday, my parents got me a nice little "starter kit" of tools, but the miter saw was really going to step my game up. Bam! Game. Stepped. Up.

Mark and I talked a lot about what projects I want to do and the list is VERY long, but we needed a starting point and he wanted in on the action. So, last weekend, we decided to go get the supplies to build a workbench!

We started with a true blank slate. We wanted a starting point with room to build on as we get more tools and figure out what we really need and want down the road. Since this was our first project, we also wanted it to be straight forward - "cut here and here... not there". I found a plan on Pinterest that seemed to over all of those things.

Mark did all of the measuring and I did the cutting for the 2x4s. He cut the plywood because I am not very good with the circular saw yet. I definitely need more practice on cutting straight lines - I can barely straight lines with scissors.

The instructions said something like, "Do you have a few hours?! This is the project for you!" Well, 2 days later, we finished it. With the tiny human being the worst assistant ever, we had to use nap times and the occasional moments when she'd hang out with us outside to get it done.

There were a lot of bent nails and one board that ended up being 1/2 inch short by the end of those two days, but Mark and I had a really great time working on it together. It looks great and I think we both are pretty proud of our handy work!

Now, my "I want to build everything" attitude is on full blast!! So excited to have the space (and awesome workbench) to bring our ideas to life.

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