SBB Gatherings in the Village

When Mark and I decided to live on base it was mostly because I wanted the "neighborhood vibe." We knew Mark was going to deploy pretty quickly and having a community around me was something very important to me. Fast forward to snagging a house in the best neighborhood on Lejeune (just ask us) and I could not be more happy.

One of the lovely neighbors, Ko of Ko&Crew, hosts a monthly craft night at her house, the "Sweet Bay Bungalow." Um, seriously, could that be any more up my alley?! I really look forward to the events every month and the company is great, too!

The drinks are always flowing and the food is tasty, too! Sometimes it's potluck style, but most of the time Ko is the hostess with the mostest and handles everything.

Ko is also the master at gathering swag for all of us! We've gotten all types of things - goodies from Magnolia, EOD fudge, fresh veggies from the garden, craft tools... you name it!

I'm sad to say that Ko is leaving this summer, but I'm so blessed to call her a friend. She's heading off to Okinawa and I'm so so excited for her family! I'm going to try to take on the responsibility of neighborhood crafty gatherings and the pressure is real. Hopefully, we can make them as sweet!

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