The Queen and Her Crew

Between now and August, I have a lot of photos to take for families and friends in the area. I'm trying to build up my confidence behind my camera before I shoot my cousin's wedding! To kick off the photography marathon, I linked up with this stunning family before a special USMC event.

Marlene is my spunky neighbor who worships the ground that her little family walks on. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and cracks jokes with me throughout the day, but when it's time for her little Chase to get home from school her energy goes to him. They have a sweet relationship, not to mention, they are adorable.

In my family, we have a strict "one hour or less," policy when it comes to photos. Mark knows how much I love to have family pictures, but he just can't handle a lengthy shoot. I've taken that policy into my own photography experience and, I think it's safe to say, these two handsome dudes were happy about it. When we were done, I think they were surprised that I didn't ask them to do more. Maybe next time!

I'm so thankful for friends like Marlene and an entire neighborhood of woman just like her. If I need anything, whether it's hamburger buns or time behind my camera, they're always coming to my rescue!

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