Caroline's Farmer's Market First Birthday

This weekend, we were able to get together with our closest friends and family to celebrate our baby girl! Because Miss Caroline loves her food, her party was Farmer's Market themed!

My bestie, Kacey, came into town for a week and the first night she was here we randomly (read: after a few drinks) decided to build a bar. Then, we did. It was one of the most random things we've done together, but we had a great time! We work really well together and, um, it turned out pretty great. I'll do a full reveal in the future, but Caroline's farm stand is the fruits of our labor.

Mark BBQ-ed all day long, my sister and Kacey cooked, and I baked the cakes. My neighbor, Claire, made those ADORABLE cookies. We had the perfect amount of food for the amount of people (minimal leftovers) and nearly everything came from local markets in the area.

The strawberry shortcake was a messy success and I was thrilled about it! I had to encourage the messiness, but once I did she was all in. The girl can eat!

Kacey helped me make Caroline a scenery table, too. It fits two totes with lids, perfectly. I bought some water balls that she had loved at her friend's birthday party for one of totes and just put water with bath toys in the other.

It was a total hit! All the kids, even the big ones, played in it for a very long time. I'm so happy that I kept this one on the "to-do list," because I can already tell it's going to get a lot of use this summer! Mom win!

Her birthday was a celebration for her, but it was also a party for Mark and I. We did it! We kept a tiny human alive and thriving for an entire year. Go us!

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