Greybeard Rental's Valley View Cabin

When we were planning out trip to Asheville, Mark's only request was that we "rent a cabin in the woods." So, I set out to find where luxury accommodations and cabin with no running water got married. I'm happy to introduce you to the Valley View Cabin.

Our requirements were pretty simple... (1) be secluded (2) 2 bedrooms (3) pet friendly. We found a ton of options, but ultimately decided to splurge a little for comfort. If I'm being completely honest, I really wasn't into having to worry about sleeping with the "outdoors inside." I don't do bugs.

I apologize for the grainy photos of the interior of the cabin, but for some reason we didn't take any ourselves. These are from the Greybeard Rentals website. Anyway! It was so beautiful, spacious, and amazing.

Caroline slept upstairs and Mark and I stayed on the ground floor in the master bedroom. There was even a washer and dryer in the finished basement that we were able to take advantage of, which was awesome since we were trying to travel light.

We loved the fireplace! They had chopped wood waiting for us and Mark enjoyed getting a fire started every evening after the baby went to sleep. We bought s'mores supplies, too! There was also a huge book case and I grabbed a book from the shelf and finished in within the week that we were there.

However, learn from my mistakes... It was a true story about a family that was murdered. Ha! Why would I do that?! We were literally staying at a remote cabin in the woods and I read a book about people being killed when they slept. There may or may not have been a morning when Mark woke up and every light was on that was between my seat on the couch and the bedroom because I couldn't fathom shutting the lights out and going into the dark hallway. Eep!

Obviously, we loved the open spaces, too! Behind the cabin, there were lots of cows. At one point, Maylee barked at a lone calf on the hill and, all of the sudden, the whole herd comes to defend their babe. Maylee learned her lesson, I think!

We'd both like to go back for a visit during the warmer months. The views were incredible, but it was just too cold to sit on the patio to enjoy them. Maybe we'll go back for a dreamy weekend or something!

I'd highly recommend this cabin to anyone and, with only a 15-20 minute drive to anywhere we wanted to go, it makes visiting Asheville easy!

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