The Butcher Board

So far, within our 5 years of military life together, we've been blessed enough to meet so many talented artists from all over the place! Whether it was Manami, Kacey's Kitchen, or Fun Flying Four... we keep making friends with some serious skill.

Chad, the craftsman behind The Butcher Board, is no exception!

Chad comes from a family of talented people (to include The Pesky Sister) and, after some exploration with other hobbies, he was still searching for his niche. He has two little boys and a beautiful wife, Stephanie, at home and is in the USMC. Most of us know what the crazy military life can bring, in regards to time away from home, so he wanted something that wouldn't create more separation than they were already going to experience.

Rewind to a few years ago, while visiting Stephanie's family, he fell in love with an antique butcher block at an old butcher shop. This wasn't an "ah-ha" moment for him, but it was always something he admired.

A year or so after seeing that old butcher block, with the encouragement from a friend, he was led to The Wood Whisperer. After checking out the website, he came across a video about end grain cutting boards. It was then that he knew this was the direction his craft needed to go! From there, it's all history.

However, making end grain butcher boards didn't come without error! During his first wood purchase, unaware that he was buying two different woods, he purchased Che Chen - a wood that is referred to as "Black Poison Wood," because of the poison ivy like rash the sap inflicts on those unfortunate enough to contact it. 

Chad told me that, after hours of palm sanding this "granite-like" wood, his wife wouldn't allow it in their kitchen. My heart hurts thinking about that type of mistake - it's exactly the type of thing that I would do! I think it's safe to say he walked away from that with many lessons learned and you don't have to worry about any Che Chen in the current Butcher Boards!

One drum sander, planer, and table saw hand-me-down (from his handy dad, nonetheless) later, Chad has a full workshop in his garage where he can crank out these incredible Butcher Boards. I've seen it in person and, no kidding, it's super impressive. I dream about our little workbench morphing into the set-up that he has!

In an effort to offer products within everyone's price range, he's now offering bottle openers, coasters, trivets, and long grain boards, too! There is, literally, something for everyone and you can buy his products locally, at an upcoming Open House or online.

As if you need more encouragement to buy this beauties, let me remind you that Mother's Day and Father's Day are upon us. What a great gift for those occasions!

Open House Details
The Butcher Board & The Pesky Sister
Saturday, April 22nd • 2-5PM
3259 Bevin St., Camp Lejeune

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