The Foundation Walls of Asheville

My absolute favorite find in Asheville were the Foundation Walls. From what I've gathered, the city was having trouble with graffiti artists so a really amazing guy bought some old, abandoned warehouses. His goal was to offer a space where anyone could come and freely express themselves through their art.

What has been created is this interesting combination between drab, sad buildings and this colorful artwork that is intricate and industrial. Even as I think back, I am still in awe of the detail that these individuals can get WITH A SPRAY PAINT CAN!

When I visited, it was during my "me day." That meant that I had a ton of time to just walk around and really check everything out! I walked all over the place in the freezing cold - at one point it even started snowing - and it was so worth it.

I believe this is, technically, part of the River Arts District, although it is a bit out of the way - only by a few blocks. Had we known that it was there on that first Sunday of our trip, we definitely would have mixed it in.

Because it's a part of RAD, they have local shops popping up in the formerly abandoned warehouses that started this whole project! The best part, in my "cannot-stop-eating-while-on-vacay" opinion, is that 12 Bones Smokehouse has a location here and Wedge Brewery was working on their space, too. Yesss!

Could you imagine doing a photoshoot here?! My mind is definitely "all things photography" right now, but still... this would be epic. Although, you have to be careful because I've noticed that a lot of artists tend to include penises in their artwork and I've already seen so many failed Senior Portraits where the photographer didn't notice! Ha! Can you imagine?!

You: "Here, Grandma, would you like one of my Senior pictures?" 
Gma: "Oh my word!!"

You guys,  I'm so mature. It's pretty impressive, if you ask me. (insert eye roll here) Ha! I hope that made you chuckle because I'm probably still giggling about it. Anyway... Happy Thursday!

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