A #CocoPhotographyMarathon Update

Whew! Talk about a marathon! I've been chugging along taking photos nearly 3 times a week. I'm meeting so many great people, who are so patient and gracious. I've really appreciated the experience and I, honestly, feel like I'm improving!

I hardly know any of my clients - although some are already booking their second sessions! I like to think that they're all choosing to "pay it forward," and find a way to do something nice for someone in their lives.

With that said, I'm not doing this with any type of preconceived expectations. If anything, I'm only hoping that they enjoy and cherish the photos that I'm able to give them!

With some upcoming indoor and low-lighting shoots, I've added some gear (continuous lighting) that I hope will give me what I need for, at least, indoor shooting.

Since my cousin is getting married is in the evening, I'll be taking a lot of shots of the bridal party inside. I'm also hoping for some indoor and late evening shoots to come up during this marathon. It's so very tempting to schedule everything for perfect lighting and that won't be an option at the wedding.

I just keep telling myself, "Practice! Practice! Practice!"

Give me 3 more months and I'll totally be ready... and with that, I need to get ready for my shoot today! To follow along with every session, you can check out my Facebook Page.

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