Editing Our Wedding Photos

Yep. You read that right. Back when we got married, almost 5 years ago, we hired a friend to photograph our wedding. Afterward, she gave me all of the unedited images and told me to have at it. Back then, I had an older Macbook that didn't have a very good screen resolution and they all ended up with a red hue to them.

So, for our 5th Anniversary I'm going back and re-editing them because I have a ton of free time (read that with major sarcasm).

All of the photos shared in this post are the *new* photos and, honestly, I'm liking a lot more of them now since they have a "truer" color.

I'm still definitely no expert, but I'm more confident and I know more about what I like. I remember relying on a lot of actions in Photoshop when I first did them and now I'm doing it on my own!

These are just a preview! I'm literally going through our entire album. Next week, the plan is to have a whole post from our entire wedding day - getting ready, ceremony.. everything! Wish me luck and spare time. Ha!

Going through these is also helping me think of how I will do things in August, not to mention that it's bringing back some really warm and fuzzy feelings!

I try to keep a running dialog that goes a little something like, "Okay, I like this picture, but I wish there was XYZ in there, too." I'll take any inspiration that I can get!

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