The Adventures of Caroline and the Mouse | Epcot

Our trip was heavily influenced and organized by Kate via Mickey World Travel. I cannot tell you how incredible she is, but I surely will try! In an upcoming post, I will explain what she did and how it was super helpful to my family as we tried to tackle this beast called Disney!

In the fall, my parents started expressing interest in taking Caroline "to see Mickey," for her first birthday. Mark and I talked about it... and thought it was ridiculous! Disney?! For a one-year-old?! Eventually, we agreed (with a stipulation, but more on that later) and surprised them with a gift on Christmas telling them that The Adventures of Caroline and the Mouse was a go!

Fast forward to the week following her birthday - we (except Mark due to work obligations) were at Disney! I haven't been to Disney since I was a little kid and, lets just say, it wasn't very much fun back then. So, I started seeing this as an opportunity to create new memories! Plus, Disney really does accommodate adults just as much as it does kids.

We hit up Epcot on our first evening. My parents had been before and thought it was the best fireworks show and the food opportunities seemed promising. They weren't lying! The ability to walk around the park, have some drinks, and eat from anywhere around the world was awesome.

Werther's Caramels in "Germany"

After some great Italian food, we walked all around the park just taking it all in. We bought the Memory Maker (hello military discount) so we stopped every time we saw a Disney Photographer. I loved that part. Knowing that we were going to have some great photos of the whole group at some of the most iconic spots at Disney made me really happy.

We finished up the night with the fireworks show. At first Caroline was all, "What are those pretty sparkling things?!" Then this happened...

Poor girl was TERRIFIED! She did not love the booms. She didn't really cry - she just cuddled in really closely and pinched the back of our arms, a nervous habit that she does when she's uncomfortable.

PopPop was a pretty great protector though and, after some extra love, she'd peek out to see the lights.

Our first day was a success, but we were all really tired from the day of travel and adventuring. We needed a good nights rest because tomorrow we were tackling The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom!

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