The Adventures of Caroline and the Mouse | Hollywood Studios

On our last day at Disney we headed to Hollywood Studios! By now, we'd caught on to the fact that if we didn't take advantage of the fast passes we wouldn't be able to ride any rides - the lines were just too long (#ThanksSpringBreakers). So, we made it a point to stick to the schedule.

Then, we walked in and a Storm Trooper parade started. It's not called a parade and forgive me for not being a geeked out Star Wars fan, but it was still one of the highlights of my life. Here's why...

Just like the parade at the Magic Kingdom, we were in the right place at the right time. The Star Wars music started, they came around the corner, and everyone started filing in behind them. The best part? I was at the front of the section that was allowed to start filing in and was literally the first person behind the Storm Troopers - I felt like the grand marshal of the whole thing!

It still makes me giggle. Seriously, so fun!

The first photo of this post and the one above is from the Disney Junior show that we went to. We dropped the stroller off outside, which I always felt weird about and for good reason, and went into a room where it was floor seating only. That way, the kiddos can dance and play during the show!

Caroline was mesmerized. It was super adorable! Don't hesitate to take your little ones to these shows. She was all about it and there was even a moment when she bent down when prompted because it was time to, "yell 'surprise' to Minnie Mouse at her birthday party." So cute!

After the Disney Jr. show, we headed to Toy Story Mania. It's a Toy Story arcade game and Caroline could ride it. Mom and dad had her in their cart while I was in my own, but she wouldn't keep the glasses on so I'm sure it was just super confusing since it was a 3D ride. Kid friendly for the ride aspect, but not so much in execution. Ha!

I would like to make note that I was still wearing my ears because, screw you, I'm a Disney and I can. Ha! However, nearly zero other people were wearing them at Hollywood Studios. I was still on the Magic Kingdom high.

After checking out Pixar, mom and I wanted to ride the Tower of Terror. The line was *only* 80 minutes long so we went ahead and did it! Dad kept Caroline - letting her play in her stroller and eat as many snacks as she could fit in her little belly.

To wrap up the post, I have to share our ride photo. For me, the best part is that the guy next to me was SILENT the whole time. I was actually concerned that he was going to throw up on me. Then, he posed like this for way too long. He was straight-armed for a really long time - but still not making any noise. It was hilarious and also a little terrifying. Ha!

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