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Back when I started my Disney recaps, I mentioned Kate - the best unmentioned Princess of Disney. Just kidding, she's not an actual Disney Princess... but she should be! She planned our trip, start to finish, and I cannot sing her praises enough.

I'm not even sure how I found her. I think it was during one of my frantic Google searches of "Blog about how to plan a Disney trip with military discounts," or something like that! Seriously, I love to plan all of our trips. It's something I pride myself in, but Disney is a whole other beast.

Luckily, when I found Kate I realized she was located on the same base as us! I, immediately, contacted her on her Facebook page and asked for help. She was wonderful - a quick response led us down a path of planning. By that, I mean that I procrastinated everything and Kate kept me on track.

She knew everything there is to know about Disney - the best restaurants, shows, and secrets. We booked late so she worked hard to get us the best shows left and walked me through how everything works.

Kate even set up my Disney account with everything that she had booked. The only thing I had to do was go buy my tickets are the travel office that's on Camp Lejeune. Seriously... that's it!

A few days before the trip, Kate met me at Starbucks and we went over all of the information - tickets, hotel reservations, where to go when we landed at the airport, tips and tricks to surviving Disney with a baby, and military advantages. She had printed out everything that was available on the Disney app, but wanted me to have it to review. C'mon - she's amazing!

You know the best part? We didn't have to pay her a dime. She works for Disney and gets paid through her travel agency... it was FREE! You guys, why wouldn't you take advantage of a Disney expert?!

Below are some things that I learned through the process, but I'm not even going to lie... if we go again, I'll be reaching out to Kate and Mickey World Travel again!

- The MemoryMaker Pass is available at a significant military discount. You buy it upon arrival at your first park at the Guest Services counter.
- Fast Passes are released to military (if I remember correctly) in advance to the general public.
- Significant hotel discounts are offered if you book during the off season/not major holidays.

There's more - I just don't know them because I'm not an expert and I put our trip in the hands of someone who is, which I clearly recommend that you do!! 

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