The Adventures of Caroline and the Mouse | Magic Kingdom

On our first full day at Disney, we headed to the Magic Kingdom. This is the park that everyone thinks of.... this is the Happiest Place on Earth. I, surprisingly, was super giddy to be there!

Remember when I mentioned that we had a stipulation involved in the Disney trip agreement? I present to you the best air brushed t-shirts money can buy! My parents, reluctantly, agreed to wear them when Mark and I gave them this precious gift at Christmas.

I definitely thought there would be an outfit change at some point throughout the day, but they totally owned it! They wore them ALL day and with pride, I might add. Dad mentioned about halfway through the day that it didn't seem that weird because there were so many people in matching outfits.

I do have to tell a funny story. We were wrapping up the day and had gone to the bathroom. We came out and we found mom so we were waving to her. Between us and my mom were some Disney representatives in suits and, while we were waving my mom down, they started waving toward us. Then, to really seal the deal, one of them shouted, "Hey, PopPop! You lookin' for us?!" It was incredible.

We walked around a lot to just soak everything in. Our whole itinerary was basically set for us because of our Fast Passes, but it was really hard to stick to that schedule with Caroline. We didn't get started as early as we wanted to because we thought letting her sleep was more important, which inevitably made us miss our FP window. That's the one thing I would have changed about our trip - I would have pushed us to stick more to the schedule so we would have been able to ride more rides.

Don't get me wrong, we had a great time and there is plenty to see! The castle alone is pretty cool. Then, there are all of the characters walking around and food. It's all just so fun!

Hands down, my favorite part of the day was the parade. We, by the grace of God, were at the right place at the right time and ended up standing at the starting point of it! So, we were front row, not a lot of crowds, and we got to see everything without too much wait time. It was epic!

Caroline was mesmerized by the whole thing. She couldn't look away! She loved all of the bubbles and colors. I know she's little and won't remember seeing her first Disney parade, but the memories that I have will be cherished for a lifetime.

While we were standing there, watching all of the princesses and characters pass, I was pointing out everything and trying to get Caroline to wave to them. Rapunzel was passing by and started playing peek-a-boo with her. You guys. I started crying! Ha!

I turned around to look at my mom and we both had sunglasses on. She lifted her sunglasses and was crying, too! It was seriously so emotional. Haha! I'm literally laughing as I'm writing this because I realize just how ridiculous and basic we sound.

Since I was in Brownies (the step before Girl Scouts), my dad and I have taken a picture of us "dancing." I have several of these from throughout major points - graduation, wedding, and now Disney!

It was a great day, but it's not even the end! After we finished up at Magic Kingdom, we headed to the Animal Kingdom. Oh, I should also mentioned that the little lady took a three hour nap in her stroller, which was a miracle that must have been granted by none other than the Fairy Godmothers themselves.

Playing catch up? Here's Part One from our Disney trip!

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