Building a Bar with my BFF

Back in April, Kacey came to visit and help me prep for Caroline's first birthday party. Her party was farmer's market themed and I wanted a little fruit stand for her.

Then, we went to an auction and there was the most beautiful, handmade bar up for bid. I started bidding and had some alcohol bravery. Luckily, after Kacey basically held my face while begging me to stop bidding and telling me that we could build it, I lost out on the amazing bar.

The next day, when we could totally back out of the idea of actually going through with the plan, we decided that instead of a little girl's fruit stand, we were going to make a bar! A big bar! In a very short period of time.

So, off to Home Depot we went! Well, after a ton of research for bar plans. The one we chose, which originally had a concrete top was from DIY Pete, and was the closest to what Mark and I wanted in a bar. I, especially, loved that it was on wheels and had storage.

Kacey and I had planned to actually follow through with the concrete top, but with no plans to make more than just this bar we couldn't justify the cost of the supplies. We, instead, decided to go with a raw edged top and I really love it!

It only took us 3 days and multiple trips to Home Depot, but we did it! It's so beautiful and only has a few errors that no one would notice unless I told them. It's on strong casters (thanks for insisting, Kacey) and we've sealed the top with a waterproof seal.

So far, we've used it for the birthday party and a neighborhood Cinco de Mayo party. During the birthday party, we got a lot of compliments and it's actual usability made the craziness of the building 'sesh worth it.

Yay for successful projects! Seriously, though, if you can build a beast of a project with your bestie in under a week it's pretty much a guarantee that you're going to be friends for life.... as if we didn't already know that!

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