Lynnwood Park Zoo

On a sunny day a few weeks ago, Mark asked if we could do something as a family. Specifically, he asked if we could do something Caroline would like and he wanted me to make sure I took lots of pictures. The man just wanted to make some daddy/daughter memories and... be still my heart... we made it happen!

The Lynnwood Park Zoo is a little zoo here in Jacksonville with owners that love and care for the animals. Lynnwood Park is small and the habitats are not that of a larger zoo, but I do believe that the animals are well taken care of.

There is an admission fee and they are cash only. Learn from our mistakes and make sure you bring some cash - or check in the car because you may have $25 in the console and not need to run to the ATM.

You can walk around the entire things in an hour or two. It's well shaded, which is such a blessing in this southern sun! At the end of the path, right before you leave, there's a small area where one of the zookeepers brings out animals for the kids to check out.

The interactive area consisted mostly of reptiles. There must be some kind of inherited gene called "ohhellnaw" that Caroline got from my side of the family because she wasn't feeling it! She did get brave and touch the snake, but only for a second! I don't want her to be afraid of things.... and that's why I was behind the camera encouraging her from afar.

She was scared of a turtle, however, toss the girl into a pit of goats and she's all about it!! Mark and I decided that they just look likes puppies and she loves her some puppies.

It was a great little afternoon and I'm looking forward to more in the future! If you're in the Jacksonville area, have small kids and don't have it in you to drive too far, check out Lynnwood Park Zoo! I think they'll enjoy it.

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