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Quiet days in Shadowmont Peak are hard to come by. Just kidding... every day is a quiet day. The time is filled with do-it-yourself projects, home cooked meals, and lots of wine.

Most mornings start with an internal dialogue regarding how friendly you feel like being that day, which leads everyone to one question... Should I open my blinds? This single question makes or break this town. Below is a typical breakdown...

"Shit. I didn't wash my hair and I really don't feel like talking. To anyone."
*Closes blinds and makes sure the doors are locked in case Sharron, who tends to invite herself in, doesn't get the hint.*

"Ugh, I totally hate people today... but I saw on Instagram that Marsha made cookies last night. If I open my blinds, maybe even my front door, she'll probably bring me some."
*Opens blinds.*

For real, though, who cares about blinds? What we really come here for is the tea. All of that good ole Southern tea filled with cubes of rumors and creamy gossip. More on that later.

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