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Not everyone loves Shadowmont Peak. Some, actually, hate it and it's no secret. Sherri was one of those people and she couldn't wait to disappear without a trace, never to be seen again.

Okay, that's a little way over the freakin' top dramatic.. but, for real, where did she and her family go?!

Collectively, the neighbors always wondered what was going on in that house. Everyone just wanted to love them (aka feel the love) and they had no shits to give or maybe no love to give, who knows.  What was known is that it was not going to change and, no they don't like your rugrats and, no, they can't play with their kids.

So, everyone decided to just stop trying and, for Pete's sake, quit inviting them to all of the fun family-friendly functions. They don't like you and, no, they don't like your cake.

Then, it was just a normal Tuesday afternoon and that damn southern tea was brewing. Whispers about where they were headed, who was in charge, and why no one informed the damn city counsel (the loving name given to these gossip seekers) were spreading. It seems that just as quickly as Sherri made it clear not to step on their lawn, she was gone.

Did anyone really expect some sweet, sentimental farewell? It's doubtful, but man that would have been the cherry on top! What an impressive GFY that would have been for the history books - after all this time giving the proverbial middle finger and then shouting from the rooftops with hugs and kisses as you depart.

It really wasn't that bad, Sherri, c'mon. Here, I brought you some cake.

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