Swansboro's Slide the City

A few weekends ago, Swansboro had a small Slide the City event and we were there for the fun! The slide was small, but we were still able to cool off and have a great time. I hope that Swansboro does this again with a little bit of improvements - everything improves better with time!

Upon arrival, we stood in line to get our wristbands and rafts. We'd bought tickets online, in advance, but that didn't expedite the process at all. Well, I guess except for the equally as long line for tickets could be bypassed.

Once you got your raft and band, you needed to blow it up! They had a station with air compressors, but the most time efficient thing to do was to blow it up on your way up to the slide because... you guessed it... you had to stand in another line!

At the top of Church Street, everyone stood in line, ready to beat the heat! It was so hot out that day so we were all eager to cool off. The challenge was finding the line that had the quickest slide or the guy that would give you a good boost on your way down.

Mark and I bought the triple slide pass, but we had Caroline so it made for a very long day for each of us to stand in line one at a time. So, Mark went down twice and I went down once. You live and you learn, ya know?!

I was under the impression that there would be more "water activities" for littles so I dressed Caroline in her swimsuit. I was really hoping that they would have a splash pad or something for them since they were too small to go down the slide. Instead, they had a big foam thing and a bouncy house. Caroline is still not very interested in the bouncy house and the foam just seemed ... gross? Ha!

I say all of this to say that we did have a good time, but we really hope that it gets a little bigger and better next year! Also, Mark and Caroline made the local news for the event!

Did you go? How was your experience?

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