Central Indiana Soaring Society

My dad recently hit an anniversary milestone at work and, instead of some cliche gift, my sister and I decided to buy him a guest ride on a glider plane at the Central Indiana Soaring Society! It was a fun experience, even as a spectator!

The Soaring Society is close to my parent's house so, before they took off, the pilot took my dad in to look at their big map and let my dad show them where the house was. The tow pilot was able to fly the glider, while tethered, directly over the house!

Once the tether was released, they glided around the house and the surrounding towns for the next 30 minutes. I was on the ground trying to keep track of them, but they eventually went too high and far away for me to see them! My mom was able to see him cruise around from the house, too!

Everyone was so friendly and eager to have a guest flight. Be sure to check out your local Soaring Society. How cool is it to see your neighborhood from above?! My dad loved it and is already talking about going again.

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