Traveling Light with a Toddler

Recently, Caroline took a last minute trip to see my family in Indiana. We were going for a week and flying, but I didn't want to pack a lot. So, off I went to find a way to pack light!

I found my favorite carry on. We got it as a wedding gift and, although it has some bumps and bruises, I love that it has hard sides. Because of the hard sides, it's easy to pack on either side. I used one side for Caroline's stuff and the other for my clothes. Then, any space leftover, I used for shoes and extra diapers.

Since I wasn't checking this bag, I wasn't worried about if we got stranded because I would have everything with me.

I packed my laptop, camera, and a portable DVD player in the diaper bag... not to include all of the essential diaper bag needs. I knew I'd have to get these things out at the airport so I didn't want to have to open up the rolling bag.

I definitely had to be strategic about how I packed the diaper bag. Every item had its place and it HAD to be there for it to work. That did make security take a bit longer on the back end because I had to really take my time getting everything back in order.

To streamline everything, I used the stroller straps that came with our diaper bag to secure it to my rolling bag. I could have easily thrown the diaper bag on my back, but I planned to carry Caroline in our Lillebaby carrier so the added weight would have stressed me out.

This set up worked out really well, but that has a lot to do with my parents. They've made sure they have everything at their house - crib, stroller, and car seat - for us so we can just bring clothes and essentials. To say I'm grateful for that is an understatement!

Do you travel light with kids? If so, what are your tips and tricks?!

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