Swansboro's Salty Air Open Market

Recently, Mark and I have had a few days where our sitter is coming, but he has the day off. Instead of cancelling the babysitter, we use it as an opportunity to go on a day date! Just last week, we decided to head out Swansboro for breakfast, but that morphed into checking out the Salty Air Open Market.

It was early in the morning so not everything was up and running completely, but their General Store was open and I was so happy about it! They have a nice selection of local produce, breads, and meats. The meat is vacuum sealed and frozen, but they have a sign on the freezers to tell you where it came from.

We bought a loaf of bread, some veggies for a party that we were having last weekend, and local chocolate milk (yum!). They also have a ton of locally produced Amish goods.

The shop was cute, the people were friendly, and the goods were awesome! We are looking forward to coming back in the evening when we can check out their little beer garden, which has live shows hosted there often!

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