Huffman Vineyards

Huffman Vineyards is located in Richlands, just under an hour from our house. One day, Mark and I had some time to make the drive and decided to go for it! It's a locally-owned, small vineyard that is far from the hustle and bustle. It was delightful.

They have four rows of grapes that you can taste, too! This was, clearly, Caroline's favorite part and she took full advantage. It was really cool to taste all of the different flavors of the grapes. I could have tried every single one of them.

The little lady didn't quite understand the idea of popping the grapes out of the skins. She wanted to eat the whole thing. It only took one or two tries before she realized that it was much easier to just eat the delicious inside.

After taking in all the grapes that we could handle, we headed inside to the gift shop and tasting room. Caroline sipped on her coconut water while we tasted some of the wines that Huffman's offers.

Most of the samples were much sweeter than the wine that we would normally choose, but it was still very tasty - so much so that we left with about 6 bottles!

The cute little shop is, literally, expanding as we speak. While we were visiting, they were building a very large space for socializing and maybe even live music! If you have time and are looking for a small town place to check out, definitely check out Huffman Vineyards.

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