Mike's Farm

Mike's Farm is a southern, family-style restaurant on acres of property where you can lounge, feed animals, and enjoy the country! Recently, we went on a family adventure for Mike's Farm's tractor show.

We started out by letting the little lady explore and visit all of the animals. She loved it! There's something about Caroline and animals that is magical. She loves them all with little to no fear. The joy they bring her is just so fun!

We had to make sure to see every animal. It was definitely my rule and not Caroline's, but she was happy to go along with my plan. Not to mention, her Poppa is the best at showing her the ropes!

We wrapped up our trip with a sweet treat from the bakery and sitting in one of their many rocking chairs to enjoy the beautiful weather. I suspect that this was one of Caroline's favorite parts because it revolved around eating. 

The Farm has beautiful mums and pumpkins on display throughout the whole property. It looks absolutely gorgeous out there and definitely got me in the mood for fall... even if the little one wasn't cooperating for pictures!

It was another fun day with our little family and I'm already looking forward to the next adventure!

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